It just has to work

What would happen if you had to work one day without a computer? And did not have access to the network? Couldn’t process orders and couldn’t mail them?

You just can’t. Throughout your business operations, your business network is the beating heart. You don’t want to have to worry about that. You don’t want to worry about that. That should just work.

ONB-ICT is there especially for SME companies that just want to have ICT well taken care of. No fuss. No whining. Clear language. Without surprising bills afterwards.

reparatie van een computernetwerk - ONB ICT





Onno aan het werk op een laptop

Who is ONB-ICT?

It just has to work. This is what we stand for and the way we work. Whether it’s replacing a printer, restoring a backup or moving an entire network. It just has to work. You are not rid of us until everything works. ICT leaves one to guess. Throw an ICT question at us and we get right into it.

Are you curious about where the name ONB-ICT comes from? ONB stands for Onno Boks. He is the founder and driving force behind ONB-ICT’s team. With ICT knowledge accumulated since 1991 and entrepreneurial experience since 2006, ONB-ICT is all set for further growth. ONB-ICT evolved from ONB Networks and HospitalIT, both familiar names in ICT land.

Why should you choose ONB-ICT?

No fuss

No whining

Clear language

No surprising bill afterwards

One point of contact

Complete service

No question is too crazy

We don't stop until it works!

Our clients

Our customers speak

"ONB-ICT completely revamped our server environment with workstations. What a difference! Only then do you notice how slow the old system was."

"After a thorough inventory, the transition to the new Windows version was flawless. They keep going until it works!"

"What fine service. When one of the new computers was found to be out of order it was quickly and adequately replaced without any problems."

Wondering what we can do for you?