You’ve probably thought about the “basic” security of your network, installing an anti-virus scanner and perhaps a firewall. But what if your information system does get infected with a virus and you can no longer access the data? Or an employee clicks on the wrong link and your system gets hacked? You really shouldn’t think about that. Sensitive data of customers or your company then becomes the subject of great concern. Let us think with you about appropriate security so you don’t have to worry about it.

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Computer viruses

Computer viruses and worms such as Code Red regularly cause widespread downtime, missed revenue, and damaged files and computers.

Essential is scanning your data for the latest known viruses, keyloggers, spayware and fishing techniques.

ONB-ICT has a variety of methodologies to serve you. Let us advise you in arming yourself against these vulnerabilities.

Help with your security

Let ONB Networks be your partner in securing your corporate network from unauthorized traffic. When thinking about information security, the first step is to implement antivirus software.

Next comes the firewall, which monitors the network by analyzing the data that passes through the firewall. Several variants can be deployed : packet filtering, stateful packet filtering and proxy firewall.

Do you already have your security fully in place?

Our customers speak

A flawlessly running automation is very important for our organization, we are very satisfied with ONB-ICT.

If our IT department lacks specific knowledge or hands, we can always count on ONB-ICT’s quick and skilled deployment.

All PCs replaced with new ones and equipped with the right software, including specific (web) applications and immediately switched to VoIP telephony. This was not the first assignment and certainly not the last!

We were looking for a system integrator, who has the know-how and can make the benefits clear to customers. In the Netherlands, we found this know-how at ONB-ICT.

Migrated all PCs to Windows 7 and transferred data and mail to Office 365. By also outsourcing the management to ONB-ICT, you have nothing to worry about.

With the migration to Microsoft Enterprise E3, our company is completely ready for the future. Working safely (together) for all our users!

Onno moved our complete ICT environment with 10 workstations and peripherals to our new location without any problems, thanks for the good care.

What a fine service. When one of the new computers was found to be out of order, it was quickly and adequately replaced without any problems.

After a thorough inventory, the transition to the new Windows version was flawless. They keep going until it works!

ONB-ICT completely revamped our server environment with workstations. What a difference! Only then do you notice how slow the old system was.

Wondering what we can do for you?