Over the past 20 years we have had the opportunity to do many different projects for a wide variety of companies. Below is a sampling of these projects and work.


Volksuniversiteit Den Haag

For Volksuniversiteit The Hague, we took over the already existing Microsoft 365 environment from KPN. Because we quickly suspected that the security within the Microsoft 365 environment needed improvement, we used various Microsoft 365 security scans to create an inventory and an improvement plan to achieve a higher level of security.

The realization of the improvement plan was carried out in consultation with the client. This was also a good time to clean up and reinstall the existing laptops, and we delivered and completely installed 3 new Dell laptops to the customer’s liking.

In addition, we took a look at the existing licensing model because some things were not right at the licensing level either.

We put the customer’s laptops into our Remote Monitoring & Management program so that the laptops could be optimally monitored in terms of hardware and software, updates and security.

We also performed a migration from KPN One to our VoIP environment in which the necessary improvements could also be made in this area.

Peace has returned to the customer, and to keep it that way, we have taken control of the Microsoft 365 environment to ensure the desired level of security in the future.


De Beer Verpakkingen completely in the cloud

De Beer Verpakkingen approached us asking if we could perform a migration to Microsoft 365 and provide new Dell hardware. They were working with outdated Windows 7 desktops that were in dire need of replacement.

For this client, there was only one wish: “we are a company that is constantly working, make sure we are not inconvenienced by the work.”

Using a plan of action and schedule, we provided a phased migration of their on-premises Windows server to a Microsoft 365 environment.

The first phase was to migrate the Exchange mail environment to Microsoft 365 and install new hardware so they could continue to work on on-site server running their administration package Exact.

We also set up a SharePoint environment for the client so they could transfer their user data from their server in the office to the new Microsoft environment.

Once this was behind them, the client took the course to move their administration package to the cloud, after which the need for an on-premises server was eliminated.


Problems with laptops and Office365

Problems with laptops not functioning properly due to outdated hardware and things that were not installed properly. Thereby also problems setting up Office 365 environment, licensing problems due to wrong subscriptions and licenses. All kinds of things that you as an entrepreneur cannot use within your business. Speed was of the essence and the most important thing was that the work would rather not be disturbed. In consultation with the painting company, we made a plan of action to carry out the work. No sooner said than done we went to work at this company within a few days on Friday and have been busy completely rebuilding the laptops. A start was made immediately to modify and prepare the Office 365 environment using the appropriate licenses to make all the improvements. Proper backup was also set up, remote monitoring installed and equipped with Kaspersky Endpoint Security. Thus, the laptops could be started immediately on Monday morning.


ICT challenges at Luna Cleaning Service

Due to problems with the current telephony environment, we performed a successful migration for Luna Schoonmaakservice to the platform of our VoIP telephony partner. But there appeared to be more challenges in the ICT field. After an inventory, we also made improvements at this client’s central storage and its remote accessibility, installed and implemented a security camera in the network so that video images can be stored and viewed, and migrated part of the mail environment to Microsoft 365. We also worked with a partner to implement a new CRM package (Teamleader).


New PCs and migration from Windows 7 to Windows 10

ONB Networks delivered and installed new Windows 10 PCs and monitors for our client, car company Dobbe in Leidschendam, around Christmas 2019, phasing out all old Windows 7 PCs. All data and mail has been transferred to the new PCs. Since our client’s services could not be disrupted, the total migration was spread over 2 days taking into account ongoing operational processes. In addition, several business-critical automotive applications needed to be properly tested on the new Windows 10 environment. This customer also migrated to Windows 10 in time because of Windows 7’s end-of-life moment in January 2020.


Move and new hardware for RegionCoöp

ONB Networks coordinated and realized the relocation of their ICT environment to a new location on the Louis Braillelaan in Zoetermeer for our client RegioCoöp in August. It involves 10 workstations and peripherals, which we have fully furnished at the new location, as well as largely equipped with new computers and monitors.


Migration to Office 365 and SharePoint for Action Learning Network

Action Learn Network asked ONB Networks to perform a complete migration of their existing mail environment with a hosting provider. This mail environment was giving many problems and needed to be modernized, with Office 365 being the choice. After some preparation, the migration was successfully carried out in January 2019 and Action Learning Network is now working securely in the Cloud as far as their mail is concerned. At a later date, a SharePoint environment will be built in which all files will also be transferred to the Microsoft Cloud, so emailing files back and forth will become a thing of the past.


Migration to Microsoft Enterprise E3

ONB Networks performed another major migration at a regular customer, a company in Antwerp with 8 workstations, in October 2018. The SBS2011 server has been fully migrated to Microsoft Enterprise E3, an intelligent solution that combines the best of Office 365, Windows 10 Enterprise and Enterprise Mobility & Security (EMS), and allows every user to work (together) in a secure way. ONB Networks performs management, using Intune and Azure, both parts of the Enterprise environment. We also replaced all PCs with new and fast PCs with SSDs, and installed a Synology NAS. The Office 365 Exchange Online environment and the NAS are backed up in the Cloud. The Internet connection is also duplicated so that all online services are always accessible. Once again, a company completely ready for the future.


Updates and upgrades to software and data rate

ONB Networks migrated the entire network of PCs and server to a new and modern environment of Windows 10 and Server 2016 at Riad, an administration and tax consulting firm in Amsterdam in May 2018. The server-based accounting and payroll packages were also upgraded to newer versions. We installed new CAT6 network cabling, so the data rate also went up a factor of 10. With the arrival and integration of a new and faster VDSL connection, Riad is getting the ultimate experience in speed and efficiency. Of course, security and backup are also considered.


Migration of operating system and mail to Office 365 at RTV DigitalMedia

ONB Networks performed a large and successful migration of all PCs to Windows 7 in June 2017 at RTV DigitalMedia, a full service digital agency based in media city Hilversum, which also transferred all data and mail to Office 365. Also, RTV DigitalMedia asked ONB Networks to assume all management of the cloud and big data servers in the data center from then on.


Inventory and advice for Andante hotel Scheveningen

ONB Networks was asked by Andante Hotel in Scheveningen to conduct an inventory because the hotel regularly suffers from outages of all kinds. The purpose of the inventory is to map the entire ICT infrastructure, identify the problems and act as a basis for an inauguration of the ICT infrastructure. A quick scan already revealed that the various failures were network-related and caused by malfunctioning or outdated network components. The inventory we finally conducted in April 2017 also flawlessly revealed this and we presented an improvement proposal in response.


Moving ICT environment, new hardware and migration to Office 365 for RegioCoöp

Due to a move to new premises, Zoetermeer-based RegioCoop asked ONB Networks to move their ICT environment to a new office in January 2016. This move was combined with the phasing out of the remote workstations to a redesigned and secure locally equipped ICT infrastructure where nothing was skipped : new PCs, printer, NAS and network cabling. This was a great opportunity to switch and migrate mail to Microsoft Office 365 Online. Successfully and within the agreed time, this move and migration took place to everyone’s satisfaction.


System integrator for Patchbox

Frits Janssen International Business Development Patchbox GmbH
To build a product like the Patchbox into customers’ premises, we were looking for a system integrator, who has the know-how and can make the benefits clear to customers. In the Netherlands, we found this know-how at ONB Networks. Why ONB Networks ? ONB Networks is open to new innovative solutions ! ONB Networks customers demand a Patch Cabinet that is neatly tidy, a patch cabinet where no cable is too long or too short, but always the right length ! We are proud to have ONB Networks as a customer.


New PCs, software and VoIP telephony for Nissan Dobbe

ONB Networks maintains the computers and network at car company Nissan Dobbe in Leidschendam. In mid-2014, all Windows XP PCs were replaced for new PCs equipped with Windows 7 and Office 2010, and ONB Networks made all common Nissan specific (web) applications suitable and installed them.
June 2015, ONB Networks worked with telecom partner VoizXL to successfully migrate their telephony environment to a hosted VoIP platform.


Advice and relocation ICT environment

ONB Networks delivered and installed the new network server (Small Business Server 2003 R2, later 2011) as well as several (multifunctional) printers and laptops at a company in Antwerp which specializes in handling maritime insurance claims. Also, all existing PCs were thoroughly addressed and adapted to the new Windows network domain. The mail environment (Exchange Server 2003, later 2010) handles all mail to be accessed internally (Outlook) and externally (Outlook WebAccess). Through remote management, the network is monitored and kept current. In early 2014, ONB Networks replaced all PCs for new PCs equipped with Windows 7 and Office 2013. In mid-2014, ONB Networks moved the entire ICT environment to a new office building and advised on setting up the new infrastructure.


Support IT department AutoHaagZeeuw Groep

The AutoHaagZeeuw Group is a group of Nissan, Renault and Dacia dealers and Business Centers in the Haaglanden and Westland region and has 17 branches. ONB Networks supports the existing IT department with a variety of services. This ranges from component installation, resolution of ongoing issues and breakdowns to installations of personal computers, printers, servers and computer and server rooms.


Complete new network for legal consulting firm

ONB Networks has thoroughly addressed and secured the existing wired and WiFi network at a legal consultancy in Sliedrecht. All PCs have been cleaned up and provided with the latest updates. We also supplied and installed various new hardware. For the future, consideration is being given to the purchase of a new network server so that all data and mail is hosted in a centralized manner and secured through a backup system. In early 2014, ONB Networks delivered new PCs equipped with Windows 7 and Office 2013, and migrated the entire mail environment to Office 365 (Exchange Online).


New network server for RTV Company

ONB Networks delivered and installed the new network server (Small Business Server 2003) and all new PCs at crossmedia production company RTV Company in Hilversum. From zero to multifunctional and multimedia environment from which RTV Company draws its strength and energy. Both internally and externally, all Media Group employees can access mail and calendars. Remote management allows the entire network to be monitored and updated as needed.


Advice for SDDE

ONB Networks advises and coordinates event organization agency StarDate Dance Events in Hilversum in all networking and communications resources. Sdde is part of RTV Company Interactive Communications. Both parties understand better than anyone else that flawless automation is of great importance in organizations like this, which is why ONB Networks and RTV Company are partners in crime and have joined forces in various areas of work.