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When a Microsoft 365 environment is rolled out, you can assume that little has been done to make it secure.

Standard settings are reasonable in themselves, but there is always room for improvement and security. There is insufficient understanding of the environment and the risks you face as a company. Who has access to what data, and is that data adequately secured?

Each customer’s needs and desires to take their Microsoft 365 environment to a higher level of security vary, and often it is customized.

If you want to know the state of security of Microsoft 365 environment and what it takes to get the security to a higher level a number of steps need to be performed.

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A safer environment in a few steps

Step 1. Inventory.

We map the current situation using specially developed questionnaires, such as the Compliance Score, Microsoft Secure Score and Identity Secure Score. Where possible, we adjust security features and settings immediately.

Step 2. Opinion.

We advise on additional security features and settings necessary to achieve the required level of security. What is needed to achieve the required level of security? In a clear report, we advise on the necessary points for improvement, what impact the points for improvement will have on the ICT environment and the organization, and what investments are needed to realize these points. We present and explain this report.

Step 3. Planning.

After agreeing to our proposal, you will receive a schedule for the realization of the security features with settings. With the plan of action, you will also receive a time schedule. In it, we clarify when we implement what improvement and how we ensure optimal adoption of the new approach.

Step 4. Realization.

We will work on setting up the security features, go through the enhancements and give practical explanations of the changes. We believe it is important to make you aware of the need for a secure IT environment.

Step 5. Management.

We manage the security of your Microsoft 365 environment. From then on, we provide updates and periodic checks to keep it at the desired security level. Therefore, this is not a one-time action but should also be tracked monthly. We report regularly on the threats that have been repelled and how the security environment has performed. We also schedule periodic in-person meetings to discuss any developments that might affect the security level so that we can anticipate them. This gives you assurance that your Microsoft 365 environment is and remains optimally secure.


Explanation scores

Compliance Score

The compliance management dashboard displays the overall compliance score. This score measures progress in completing recommended improvement actions within controls. The score can help you understand your current compliance posture. It can also help you prioritize actions based on their potential to reduce risk.

Microsoft Secure Score

Microsoft Secure Score is a measurement of an organization’s security status, with a higher number indicating more improvement actions have been taken. If you follow secure score recommendations, you can protect your organization from threats.

Identity Secure Score

The Identity Secure security score is a percentage that acts as an indicator of how aligned you are with Microsoft’s security best practice recommendations. Each improvement action in the Identity secure score is tailored to your specific configuration.

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