The perfect backup is reliable and as recent as possible. It ensures that your business can keep running when data is (unintentionally) deleted, lost or stolen. Consider fire, ransomware or mistakenly deleted files. How nice is it when you can rely on a flawlessly arranged backup facility? Of course, the data is stored encrypted in the Cloud or securely in European data centers. In the area of Disaster Recovery Services, we work closely with several reputable vendors. This gives you the guarantee of a quick recovery after an emergency. In fact, it can be done in as little as 6 seconds! That gives a lot of peace of mind.

Backups van je hele systeem in de cloud

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Our employees can now access calendars and mail from anywhere and it’s all managed remotely, super organized.

All PCs replaced with new ones and equipped with the right software, including specific (web) applications and immediately switched to VoIP telephony. This was not the first assignment and certainly not the last!

The move was a great opportunity to migrate mail to Microsoft Office365 Online. Completely satisfied.

Migrated all PCs to Windows 7 and transferred data and mail to Office 365. By also outsourcing the management to ONB-ICT, you have nothing to worry about.

With the migration to Microsoft Enterprise E3, our company is completely ready for the future. Working safely (together) for all our users!

ONB-ICT transferred our outdated mail environment to Office365. Now that mail is running entirely in the cloud, soon all files will be on the turn.

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