Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM).

Your corporate network monitored and managed 24/7. Remotely. So that problems in the network are proactively detected. No more panic soccer or rushing to put out fires, but knowing in advance what is needed to keep running flawlessly.

Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that you suffer from a faltering system or even flip out altogether. How nice would it be if we could see this problem ahead of time and react to it? Even before it is a problem.

With RMM, we look under the hood with you. Through 24/7 monitoring, we see problems coming and in many cases resolve them remotely.

Remote monitoring

From reactive to proactive

Help! Staff can’t work, your sales are down, and you have to wait for the supplier to come to fix the problem. This costs handsomely!

With remote monitoring, we can see many problems in advance. Our advanced tool gives us insight into what’s going on under the hood. And we respond to that. Proactive.

A system crashing because a drive ran out of space is a thing of the past. Updates and patches are performed remotely. Your system will run like clockwork from now on.

Top-level security

Staff sometimes work from home or log on to the PC that the whole family uses to access the Internet, play games and download files. You probably have no idea what impact this can have on your systems. A virus on a private computer can take down the entire company.

With our RMM solution, you no longer have to worry about that. We ensure secure transmission of data and keep viruses and malicious parties out.

You even have the option to choose our new and highly advanced Anti-Ransomware Module. With this, you make hostage systems impossible.

Your privacy guaranteed

We only monitor data needed to run the systems. Consider updates, patches, processor and disk performance, and error messages generated by the system. Just looking under the hood, we call it.

All actions performed within your company are not monitored.

Remote support

Our support staff is here for you!

When you call, we can immediately read the technical data of the system. So you don’t have to explain complicated things to our staff. Chances are they will immediately see what the problem is. And fix it remotely right away.

You get access to your own customer portal where you can see the status of your tickets.

Benefits of our RMM:

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