Hooray! Today 15 years of ONB Networks and 30 years in IT.

Exactly 15 years ago today, I sat at the Chamber of Commerce to register my company ONB Networks.

At that time, I had been working in IT for 15 years, and decided to make a virtue of necessity and became an entrepreneur.

Today is a double celebration. My company 15 years old and I have been working in IT for 30 years.

How quickly time goes by, looking back today at all those changes, innovations and innovations.

For me, it started in 1991 with an 8086 AT computer on floppies, and just after that an 80286 XT with a real 10 MB hard disk, 640 kB of memory and a processor of a whopping 6 MHz. And now, 30 years, computers are 1,000x more powerful, have 10,000x more memory, and 100,000x more storage.

What a time and what an honor to witness all these wonderful developments.

With the transformation of ONB Networks into ONB-ICT in the past year, I look back fondly on 15 years of service.

With loyal customers who have been with us for 15 years and with some of whom we have even had the pleasure of performing 3 major migrations.

Got to do so many diverse projects with all kinds of clients, remarkably often covering the full spectrum of ICT. The customer entrusts everything to us in which to this day they unanimously say: you take care of it, it just has to work.

Nowadays we only talk about cloud in the broadest sense of the word. Microsoft Office 365, online workstations, VoIP telephony, you name it, and also all the programs we work with are cloud-based.

Things are fine in the cloud, but are they fine in the workplace itself? Is the connection to the cloud secure enough?

All too often we see people working at home with business software and files. And now especially during this miserable Corona pandemic.

ONB-ICT can help you keep the beating heart safe. Remote monitoring and management is what we do with our new Remote Monitoring and Management service. You work safely, and we keep a close eye on your workplace under the hood.

Want to know more? Check out www.hetmoetgewoonwerken.nl/rmm

My company ONB-ICT is there especially for entrepreneurs who just want ICT well taken care of.

No fuss. No whining. Clear language. It just has to work. Simple right?

Take a look around the website hetmoetgewoonwerken.nl, under downloads you will find several flyers about our services.

What about me? I am additionally available for a nice job in the field of project management.

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