VoIP telephony

Maximum flexibility and cheaper with your telephony, that’s what everyone wants! VoIP stands for Voice over IP and amounts to calling over the Internet. This way you are not “stuck” at a fixed location as with analog telephony. Anywhere there is internet you can use VoIP and you can even make free calls between different branches. This way you are optimally accessible and no local phone line is needed anymore.

How does a phone work with VoIP

With VoIP, there is no longer a physical cabinet that must be present. This is because the software runs in a data center that is well secured. Through an Internet connection, there is a continuous connection between the phone and the data center. This way you are not stuck to one fixed location but can use telephony wherever there is internet.

Everything you need

When you choose VoIP, you choose many diverse features. So you can also choose features such as listen-in, voicemail to email, time switches, call recording, CRM linking, the company phone book, default settings regarding call forwarding and menus, an interactive voice response system, call behavior reporting and many other options. This way you get more out of your telephony and save in costs.

Scalable and location independent

Adding a phone for a new employee is as easy as connecting a computer. You can effortlessly scale up to more users and everything is done in a snap. In addition, it does not matter where the phone will be located. As long as the device is connected to the Internet, you can place it in a place of your choice. Even if you are using multiple locations, you can easily scale up and not be dependent on location.

The benefits of VoIP

– No additional infrastructure required, just internet
– Easily scalable
– Location independent
– Cost-saving

Getting started with VoIP?

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