The 5 benefits of an RMM package

An RMM package is a handy tool to provide you with IT security. The term RMM stands for Remote Monitoring & Management. This represents surveillance, monitoring and management entirely remotely, without you even realizing it. This ensures that IT problems are proactively addressed and everything continues to run flawlessly. This convenient package brings with it a number of benefits, which we would like to take you through in this blog.

Proactive management

Have you ever experienced a virus or a computer suddenly crashing? This is prevented with proactive management of your systems. By monitoring everything in a timely manner and detecting problems, no more unexpected problems come up. This eliminates the need to put out fires headlong and keeps everything running flawlessly.

Top-level security

Many computers are used for multiple purposes. Within a family, someone is playing a game, another is saving a file quickly and another would like to download something from the Internet. Often there is no idea what the impact on systems might be from this. When the computer is used both privately and for business, it can flatten an entire company without you realizing it. The RMM solution changes that by ensuring secure transfer of data. This keeps out viruses and malicious ones.

Top-level security

24/7 monitoring of your systems

By constantly monitoring everything, we see problems coming. Because we can see it coming, we can respond to it immediately. In most cases, we can solve all issues completely remotely so you don’t have to look after them.

Privacy is paramount

Watching and monitoring probably raises some questions, because what about this in terms of privacy sensitivity? Privacy is very important to us and we only have access to things that do not affect your privacy. For example, we only monitor data needed to keep all systems running. Think about things like updates, patches, error messages from the system, performance of processors and writes to your computer and systems.

Backup & recovery

Keep your business running when data has been inadvertently deleted, lost or stolen? Then backup and recovery is very important. The more recent a backup is, the more reliable all the data is. Therefore, make sure that even if something goes wrong, you can always fall back on backups. So you can always get on with your business without worry.

These are just five of the benefits of the RMM package. In addition to these benefits, we naturally take things like outstanding support and a fixed monthly fee for granted. Wondering what the package can do for you? If so, please contact us.

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