Promotional film ONB-ICT

There is a lot to say about information and communication technology, or ICT.

The ICT world is certainly not standing still and is in a state of flux. New innovations and techniques ensure that up-to-date knowledge remains important. ICT is an enormously broad field; if you let Onno Boks tell you about his field, feel free to plan a few hours for that. By now he has over 30 years of experience in the world of IT, and has experienced quite a bit.

The world of IT is an incomprehensible world for many people, but Onno always manages to make the switch to clear language that his clients understand and that they know well what he is doing. And then when unexpected technical jargon is used, customers are quick to say never mind, fix it, it just has to work. And that’s what customers want, no fuss, their IT should just work.

But how do you make a corporate film about an ICT company without using jargon ? That too is possible, Martijn Krijtenburg has been on the road with Onno for the past few weeks, working on a corporate film that properly portrays the work of Onno and his team.

Watch the film below

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