ONB-ICT in organization business network OC070

ONB Networks is involved in organizing the BitterBallenBorrel The Hague in 2017 and 2018. Onno Boks acted as host and ambassador for many entrepreneurs from the Haaglanden region who came once a month on Thursday evenings to network and listen to various fascinating speakers. But it was high time for a new challenge after severely disappointing attendance figures. Onno decided to retire from BitterBallenborrel The Hague in March 2018. From his network, Onno Boks was approached by Tom Scholte asking if he would like to join him in reviving the OpenCoffee OC070 networking meetings. This networking event was very successful until June 2017 and stopped in its current form. As of April 2018, OC070 has restarted as a monthly inspiration and networking event on every first Wednesday of the month. Expectations have been exceeded, OC070 has proven to be at least as successful as before, and it is Onno’s ambition to further expand OC070 into a networking event of note.

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