Email in Office 365. Is that something for me, too?

How important is email in your business? Probably very important. In fact, e-mail is the most widely used business communication tool. So how irritating when it doesn’t work. To make your business work without a hitch, there is only one motto for us: it just has to work.

Changing desires for email management

As your business evolves, the IT environment also constantly demands different conditions. For example, we recently helped a business owner who was caught up in using two e-mail applications side by side. Inbound and outbound mails in 2 places, lots of folders, different structures and duplicate mails as a result. The overview was completely gone. And thus also the pleasure, which is precisely what you should get from a working system.

When she founded her company, she started with Thunderbird from Mozilla. Additionally, during a collaboration with another entrepreneur, Outlook was put into use. She soon found that Outlook worked more finely for her, but because of all the balls you keep in the air as an entrepreneur, she didn’t prioritize streamlining it. ‘Will come, later, when I have time for it.’

And now it’s done!

Syncing to phone fails. Cannot find server. Mail sending failed. Searching for that one email. The frustrations surrounding the faltering mail grew and grew. Until she decided, ‘I’m all done with this. This has to change. She herself did not want to burn her hands on it. Suppose your mail gets lost! Or that you choose the wrong setting, causing emails not to come in! This job she was happy to outsource to an expert.

Office 365 in the Cloud

After an inventory conversation, we recommended Microsoft’s Office 365 to her. A mail application in the Cloud so you can easily access your email anytime, anywhere. We transferred her emails from Outlook and Thunderbird to the new environment. Everything back together clearly with a unified folder structure. Also, syncing the mail on her phone no longer causes problems.

‘With an additional Cloud and Security package, I get the most out of the system. Linking my calendar was also super easy. I’m just sure now that it works. I am more than happy to make the investment.

Is it something for you?

Being able to work nicely with your e-mail is just important. Shame to build up all kinds of frustration and stress over that. Can you take another swing at this? And want to know if Office 365 is for you? Get in touch and we’ll help you. It just has to work!

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