Moving workstations

There is always a lot involved in a move. Whether that is a home or a business. There is a lot to think about and there is always something that goes differently than expected. We experienced it ourselves.

Network, computers, phones and printer

Some time ago, a client asked if we would handle the relocation of their workstations. And not so much the desks and chairs, but the network, computers, printer and phones. Important condition of our client in this project: their customers were not to be inconvenienced by the move. Phones had to be reconnected and accessible quickly, and the Internet had to be available quickly because the client was also working with applications in the cloud.

A great challenge that we took up with both hands! With such assignments, good preparation is half the battle. Beforehand, we visited the new building to take stock of what was there, and more importantly, what was not.

Good preparation

When we asked upon entering the new building, “Where can we find the Internet connection?” the property manager held up a cable. A shared open internet connection for the entire property. We didn’t think that was a good idea. We arranged a secure Internet connection for the client by installing a firewall.

Then we checked that there were enough connections at the workstations. That looked good. Check. This one we could tick off … we thought.

Empty connections

On the day of the move, a big surprise awaited us. The jars behind the connections appeared to be largely empty! This challenge required our flexibility. Very nice that we could fall back on our years of experience in this situation. Like a rocket, we made a new plan. Laying meters of cable and installing network switches so that the computers, printer and phones worked again as soon as possible. We ensured that 2 employees could return to work immediately in the new premises. After all, customers were not to be inconvenienced.

By evening, all workstations were back up and running. Of course later than expected, but we had managed it.

That doesn’t happen anymore

So you see, with every move, something happens that you didn’t expect. In the next move, we checked the pots behind the workplace connections in the preparation phase. You understand that! We had learned our lesson.

Just moving, that’s not how it works for us. Being well prepared, thinking of things your client has no idea about and doing more than you are asked to do. For us, that is the definition of moving.

Is your company also in need of a change of premises? You can leave the relocation of workstations to us!

Please help me soon too!

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