We monitor you remotely

Someone remotely watching your ICT systems with you. Not literally on your screen, but “under the hood. To assess whether everything is going well in the technical sense. If he doesn’t expect trouble, you won’t hear him. But if something needs action, he is there for you. How nice does that sound? Wonderful huh! We know him. His name is RMM and he is our finest colleague.?

Remote Monitoring & Management

RMM stands for Remote Monitoring & Management. Your corporate network monitored and managed 24/7. Remotely. So that problems in the network are proactively detected. No more panic soccer or rushing to put out fires, but knowing in advance what it takes to keep your business network running flawlessly.

Remote Monitoring & Management dashboard

No more fires

It’s every entrepreneur’s nightmare. Staff unable to work because systems falter or even fail completely. To name just a few examples: a computer crashing because a drive ran out of space, a poorly secured computer of a colleague working from home gets hacked, a mailbox not working or important files lost. All fires that acutely demand your attention. That costs tons of money and energy, AND your business can’t continue.

Systems run like clockwork

With RMM, that’s a thing of the past. With this service, we monitor all systems 24/7 in the background and expected problems are uncovered in a timely manner. So that we can respond to it proactively.

In many cases, we can even solve the problem directly remotely. Updates and patches are also done remotely, so you don’t have to worry about them. What about security? That one is top notch! With our RMM, we ensure secure transmission of data and keep viruses and malicious parties out.

Getting to know

Do you also like the idea of getting proactive help with a smoothly running network? To have peace of mind about all the systems in your business? With assurance that it is well taken care of?

We are happy to introduce you to RMM! He will help you anyway and you don’t have to get coffee for him. Ideal colleague, right? ?

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